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How to drive Roundabouts in Spain. It's different!
f you've ever driven in Spain you'll know that Spain is a roundabout land. They're everywhere!
I have recently discovered that they way they are handled in Spain differs from the way they are handled in the UK, the US, Canada or New Zealand.
And because I'm sure some of you will eventually need to drive in Spain, here's how drive legally and properly a roundabout in Spain.
Rule nº 1: If there are arrows on the pavement, follow them and disregard further rules. This guide is for standard roundabouts (the most common ones) without arrows on the pavement.
Rule nº2: Traffic entering the roundabout must yield to traffic that is already inside the roundabout.
Rule nº3. This is the important one: You may ONLY leave the roundabout from the outer rightmost lane. Never attempt to exit the roundabout from an "inside lane". You must first merge to the outmost lane, respecting any car's path, and then exit the roundabout.

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